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From 14 News – WFIE / By Josh Lucca / Feb. 26, 2024

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) – Daviess County Public Schools, KY now have an app to keep students and family updated on bus routes.

The new app is called ‘Stopfinder’ and families with students enrolled in a Daviess County Public School received an email that allow them to log into this app.

The purpose of the app is to improve communications between families and Transportation Department when it comes to any delays or changes to school bus routes, eliminating the need for third parties or contacting schools first.

”The transportation department can message that individual route. So they don’t have to message the whole school or anything like that and through the app they can see exactly what time the change is, what the delay is, or anything like that.” explains Maddie Edwards, PIO of DCPS.

The app does not track buses and only gives information. [Note: While Stopfinder can track buses, the district has opted not to utilize that aspect of the technology.]

Individuals who have not received an invitation from their student’s school district will not be able to access the app.

Click here to read the article and see the news video.

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