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This web page is available for system subscribers to find help about the Stopfinder Parent app. Stopfinder Help has been designed for Stopfinder app users to learn more about Transfinder’s Stopfinder Parent app.  


The Stopfinder app is available on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

To use the Stopfinder app, your student’s school district must have purchased Stopfinder from Transfinder. If your school district uses Stopfinder, you will receive an invitation email from your district providing access to the Stopfinder app.

Your student’s school district must be set up for using Stopfinder for you to use the app. Please let your school district know if you want Stopfinder.

  • To activate your subscription, your school district must send you an email invitation. You cannot login to the Stopfinder app without an invitation to your email on record with your student’s school district.
  • If you have forgotten your password or need help with logging into the Stopfinder app, please contact your school district.
  • If you need to add additional students please contact your school district.
  • Stopfinder offers many features that allow schools to customize the app. Communication includes messaging and announcements. GeoAlerts can be created to send notifications based on the bus location. Contact your district to learn more about which features they are using with Stopfinder.

For more assistance, please visit the webpage or contact your school district.

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