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Thank you for contacting Transfinder, the developer of the Stopfinder parent app.

If you are a parent or guardian having an issue with the app, please contact your school transportation office directly. Each school district administers the Stopfinder parent app and sets up its own unique protocols to serve their communities best.

If you have not received an email invitation from your district, it may be in your spam filter. Please check to see if that is the case.

Please note, links do expire. Depending on your school’s protocols, it is possible your invitation link has expired. In that case, please contact your district’s transportation office and request a new invitation email.

If you are a school district transportation employee that is having an issue with the Stopfinder app, please log in to the Transfinder Community,, click the Live Chat icon at the top right and please identify your district and describe your Stopfinder issue in the space provided. This is the quickest way to receive assistance from a Transfinder expert.

Thank you for turning to Transfinder!


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