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From – Rockford, IL / By Shannon Taylor / November 2, 2022

ROCKFORD (WREX) — A new application for parents called Stopfinder launched by Rockford Public Schools to track their children’s buses is now open and free to the public.

It’s a mobile application for kids K-12 that is a two-way communication platform that allows the Transportation Department to share a student’s bus schedule, send notifications and important messages to caregivers’ phones.

Jeff Sherman, a month-long user says the application’s features lets him see and view so much.

“It’s great app, Sherman said. “In the app I can keep track of her, and it shows me what time he buses comes, when it gets to school, when it leaves the school and the time she gets dropped off.”

Another feature that he finds helpful is the GeoMap, which updates the buses’ exact location every five to ten seconds.

“It shows me where her school is and all the stops before she comes home.” Sherman explained. “When the buses are running a yellow bus icon pops up and tracks where the bus is in accurate timing.”

On October 26th, a meeting was held with members of the Transportation Department and bus drivers about the application.

Sheila Barnes, who has been a bus driver for seven years says an application like this will help parents realize bus drivers are doing the right thing.

“It’s going to be nice, because some parents do not understand how hard it is for us sometimes”, Barnes said.

“We have so many things that hinder us from being at stops on time like accidents, trains, garbage trucks, but I always try to be on time with my kids so that parents won’t have an issue with me.”

Parents and caregivers who are interested should download the application through the app store or google play. Once you sign up and register you should receive an email from the Rockford Public School District.

Once registration is completed and the application is downloaded, parents can add subscribers or another trusted caregiver to track children as well.

All emails should be sent to

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