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New Richmond County bus tracker launched to ease parents’ minds (

From WRDW – TV / By Hallie Turner / August 7, 2022

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – School is starting up again in Richmond County.

One concern on parents’ minds is transportation. The Richmond County School System (GA) has had issues with its previous bus tracking app launched in 2018. But officials are trying to improve it this time around.

Parents are cautious but looking forward to seeing something new.

Michele Hobbs’ daughter is starting fourth grade this year. She says last year’s app gave her a lot of trouble.

“Not working … not working at all,” said Hobbs.

She and her daughter are excited for a new school year. Over the last several years her daughter has been riding the bus to school.

The SAFESTOP app was supposed to bring parents like Hobbs peace. But she says it only made things worse.

As the school year went on, Hobbs and other parents say, the app quit working.

“It doesn’t like give me the exact location where my child is and the buses you know it’s just like not on point at all,” said Hobbs.

The Richmond County School System says safety is at the top of the list this year. After many issues with the old app, parents say they want a change.

“Mainly the location and tracking everywhere she is going from school to school and her bus stops,” said Hobbs.

The district is set to launch Stopfinder for parents on Sept. 5. Officials say it will show your child’s name, grade and school as well as what bus and route they are on.

Hobbs says she is excited for new features.

“Just where her location is and where the bus is and is she safe is the main importance,” she said.

If you have more than one child on different buses it will also be able to show you where each child is at the same time.

The school system says if there is a change in bus routes, parents who are registered with the app will be notified immediately.

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